TINY CHAMPS (2-5 Years Old)

Important Focuses of the Culver City Jiu Jitsu & Martial Arts

- Motor skills (coordination and balance)
- Focus (holding attention in order to accomplish tasks)
- Respect (learning to respect others and themselves)
- Friendship (treating others in a way they would want to be treated)
- Tumbling (how to fall and roll correctly without getting hurt)
- Fun (kids need to have fun as well as learn important skills)
- Teamwork (learning to work in groups)
- Confidence (this is the right age to bring out the confidence in your child)

Here at Level Up Jiu Jitsu Culver City Academy our award winning Kids Martial Arts & Jiu Jitsu program is guaranteed to deliver the expectations you have for your child’s growth in discipline, focus and physical development. Our certified instructors will guarantee to take your child to the next level in behavior, discipline, focus, and physical fitness.

Kids Jiu Jitsu & Martial Arts in Culver City - Level Up Program

Kids Jiu Jitsu & Martial Arts in Culver City - Level Up Program

KIDS (5-9 Years Old)

Important Focuses of the Level Up Culver City KIDS JIU JITSU program:

- Self Control (Controlling frustration and anger)
- Discipline (Making the right choices daily)
- Goal Setting (Setting positive goals and how to achieve them)
- Concentration (How to concentrate and focus more effectively)
- Teamwork (working with others for common goals)


In addition to mindset skills taught in class your child will be able to physically defend themselves if needed. They will learn the basics of bully prevention including using their words correctly, building their confidence, and also real life self defense skills that really work without having to even strike or hit an attacker. Your child will learn how to control someone with their Jiu Jitsu skills without throwing a single punch.

In addition to self defense and Jiu Jitsu skills your chils will re-inforce their training with Level Up Life Skills, where children are encouraged to use self control, discipline, focus, and respect as a means to improve themselves and to get closer to their next belt level. This is a huge part of the Culver City Jiu Jitsu for Kids program and your child will see fast improvement in this area as well as in their martial arts skills.

Level Up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Culver City Teens Program

Level Up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Culver City Teens Program

TEENS (10-14)

Benefits for your child learning in
the LEVEL UP Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Teens Program:

Interpersonal Skills (how to interact positively and effectively with others)
Responsibility (learning to take responsibility for ones actions)
Self Respect and for Respect for others (learning to respect peers and adults as well as gaining self confidence and respect for themselves)
Physical fitness (staying in shape through healthy exercise, healthy eating, and overall healthy living)
Positive Prioritizing (knowing how important school, academics, fitness, and health are and how to overcome
Reaching Goals (setting and reaching goals and how to overcome obsticals that sometimes seem to get in the way)
Avoiding Peer Pressure ( how to combat peer pressure through confidence and high self worth)
Conflict resolution (learning how to verbally communicate in order to avoid resolve conflict)
Good decision making (learning to make positive choices at this important time in a teenagers life)

This is a very important time in the child’s life as they are preparing for Junior High School, and High School. There is a lot of peer pressure, and societal pressure on kids of this age especially here in Los Angeles. Because of this, our Level Up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Culver City curriculum is age appropriate and focuses on confidence building, good habit building, goal setting, and self defense skills such as bully prevention techniques and other appropriate teenage concepts. Level Up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Culver City is a perfect place for your teenager to start on their journey. Call today, 424-345-5022!